Oko, Thief of Formats

Oko, Thief of Formats

Bans, Magic, Magic: The Gathering, Oko, Standard, Throne of Eldraine

Whether you play Modern, Commander, Vintage or Standard, you've probably heard of the problematic trickster, Oko, Thief of Crowns. Released in the most recent MtG main set, Throne of Eldraine, Oko is a great example of a card being fairly balanced in theory but heinously powerful in practice. On the eve of his possible ban, let's look at the case for his removal from the standard environment. Let's break him down. For 1GU, only 3 mana strong, you get a 4 loyalty planeswalker with 3 different, yet powerful abilities. This isn't an insanely new development in Magic's history by far, in fact it almost follows... Read More...


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