TCG Singles Collaborator Terms & Conditions

From time to time, Vault Entertainment PTY LTD acting as Trustee of Vault Entertainment Unit Trust trading as TCG Singles: Powered by Vault Games (referred as 'Vault Games') may enter into a influencer collaboration with a social media influencer or content creator (referred as 'Collaborator'). The below outlines the Terms & Conditions of this collaboration. 


To be eligible for a collaboration, a Collaborator must:

All applications are considered but are subject to approval by Vault Games. Approval is entirely at Vault Games' discretion.


By default, all collaborators apply for the Basic TCG Singles Influencer program offers a 5% commission and a 5% discount on orders made via your dedicated referal link provided in the collaborator's Welcome Packet.

Currently, there are no other programs available.

Commissions are only earned via online orders made using the referral link provided.


All payments are processed via PayPal.

Commission payments are processed on the next payment date after 30 days after a qualifying order is placed by a customer using the collaborator's referral link.

Collaborators are not to use the referral link or collaboration for fraudulent personal gain, either by placing orders for themselves or through a third party to receive both the product from the order and commission. If a collaborator is found to be using their referral link for fraudulent personal gain, the collaboration may be cancelled by Vault Games and any unpaid commissions cancelled.


Vault Games and the Collaborator can both end the collaboration at any time in writing via email.

If a Collaborator does not comply with the Terms and Conditions outlined here, Vault Games may end the collaboration without warning.

When the collaboration ends, no more commissions will be earned from referral links and any outstanding commissions will be paid in accordance with the payment terms above.


All actions, statements, and views made and publicised by a collaborator is the collaborator's own and does not reflect on Vault Games in any way. 

If the collaborator performs any action or makes any statement that could reflect poorly on Vault Games in any way, Vault Games may end the collaboration without warning.