Buylist Policy & FAQ


Vault Singles is always interested in buying your cards, particularly your weird janky "only works in commander" cards (cause, you know, we love commander). Below you'll find a complete list of our policies, how we to get your cards to us, and what you can expect from us getting your cards.

Submitting a Buylist

To submit a buylist, just click the Buylist link at the top of this page. Enter each card, and the condition you believe it to be. Click here for a guide to our card conditions. Please note that we DO NOT buy cards that are Heavily Played or Damaged. At this point, you can also select whether you would like Cash or Store Credit.

Once you have submitted your buylist, DO NOT send your cards yet. One of our team members will reach out to you via email to say whether or not we'll accept your cards and if they are ok to send.

Once your buylist has been accepted, please ship your cards to:

Vault Games
ATTN: Singles
LG 62 Queen St
Brisbane City QLD 4000

Alternatively, you can drop them in store though there are a few rules on how to get your cards to us.

Getting Your Cards to Us


Send your cards to us at the above address. 

The safest way to ship cards is to put them inside a deck box and then into a shipping box or padded envelope. If a card is valued at $20 or above, put it in a sleeve.

Please DO NOT send cards packaged in any of the following:

  • Rigid Top Loaders (Hard Plastic) (Though, you can use rigid top loaders for individual cards valued over $100.00)
  • 9 Pocket Pages
  • Card Albums

If you are sending a high volume of cards, please place them in the same order as entered on the buylist to ensure a speedy grading. Failure to do so may increase the time it takes to pay out the buylist, and may also incur a labour charge, decreasing your overall value.


You can drop your cards into our Brisbane store at the address listed above.

Please ensure your cards are organised as follows:

  • In a single boxed container (either a deck case or bundle box/fat pack)
  • A label affixed to the container with the following information:
    • ATTN: Singles
    • Your Name
    • Your Email Address

Failure to follow these instructions may incur a labour charge or outright refusal of grading.

Getting Paid

Once we have your cards, our singles team will go through and match the grading with your buylist. Any adjustments will be made and emailed to you prior to approval. If you are not happy with the adjustments, and no longer wish to sell the cards, they can be picked up at the address you dropped them off to, or shipped back at your expense.

Once the grading process has been finished and approved, you will receive payment in the form of Cash or Store Credit. 

Store Credit will be applied automatically to your store account and can be used to purchase other products here from

Cash will be sent via Paypal, though this will likely incur a small fee from Paypal.

Have questions?

A card I want to sell isn't listed on the Buylist! How do I send it to you
If it's not listed on the buylist, there's a very high chance that we're not buying that card. If you feel like this is an error, let us know by contacting us.

What cards don't you buy?
There are a few cards we don't purchase based on the game they belong to. Please see below for a complete list.

From Magic: the Gathering, we don't purchase:

  • Heavily Played or Damaged Cards
  • Current season promo Cards
  • Gold-Bordered Cards
  • Silver-Bordered Cards
  • Signed cards
  • Proxies

From Pokemon Trading Card Game, we don't purchase:

  • Heavily Played or Damaged Cards
  • Promo cards
  • Signed cards
  • Proxies

From Star Wars: Unlimited, we don't purchase:

  • Heavily Played or Damaged Cards
  • Token Common Bases (Hyperspace or Regular)
  • Promo cards
  • Signed cards
  • Proxies

What if I don't pay to have my cards returned or pick them up after denying a downgrade?
Any cards that are still in our possession after six (6) months are considered abandoned property and will either be sold to recover costs associated with storage and administration, or disposed of. 

I want to skip the grade adjustment approval process and just get my stuff approved. How can I do that?
You can just let the singles team know when they email through the approval of your buylist that you're happy to auto-approve and adjustments to your grading.

Can I use my store credit at Vault Games?
Yes you can, but because Vault Singles and Vault Games run on separate systems, this means that any Store Credit transferred to Vault Games will be removed from Vault Singles and cannot be transferred back.